Express to impress 


It is human nature to make an impression in the communities of practice that we belong to. It is a normal desire to wish to impress for good reasons and to be known for good roles. The challenge is how we pursue this desire and what actually  do to this end. 

If people on the outside did not see the value of us that lies on the inside, it has litttle value for our self-image and self-actualization. We need affirmation from outside about what we desire on the inside. This affirmation is to be associated with positive outlook we want the world to know about us. 

It is of limited use when it is impression we seek but it is not an expression of our reality. It is deceit when it is to project good and moral untruths about us. It lie to give people a sense of ourselves that is significantly higher than our true sense. 

It is better to express our less than glamourous reality than make an impression that is great but unreal. It is better to live the small truth than to create an impression out of a big lie. 

It is better to express our purpose, our real goals, our genuine achievements rather than impress on the basis of a lie or exaggeration. It is much easier to defend the integrity of the expression of reality than to justify the impression of excellence. 

Express, you will automatically make an impression correctly. Your duty is just to give expression to what you really have on the inside, however small and unimpressive it seems. 

Express and stay out of the trouble of having to work hard to make the lie seem true… 


Living with Failure


There is a substitution between living in failure and living with failure. The former implies living inspite of being being mired in failure. It means managing to eke out a living even in conditions of failure. It means finding ways to continue with one’s mission in the context of failure. It means refusing to merely bend over to the dictates of failure experienced, to defy the tendency of failure to cause people to mellow in what was not done right and what mistakes were made. It is about refusing to meditate on failure and adversity, and the decision not to dwell on what is in but rather on what can be. 

Living with failure means accepting the fact that one failed on this and that occasion. The willingness to process what happened and learn the lessons needed into to proceeded. It is to live with insights gained due to what was tried unsuccessfully in the sometimes bumpy road to destiny. It means allowing failure to become part of the experience acquired, thus removing fear of it by embracing it as a milestone and key moment in the journey. It is to assume power over it by acknowledge failure that happened and thus removing its sting that fests when failure is brushed aside too easily. 

It much easier for us to embrace success and progress than it is to embrace failure. Advice that suggest looking at the positive sides is sometimes taken to the extreme leading to people failing to learn the big lessons that can only come from failure. 

Failure is associated with negative energy when understood poorly. It is not always realized that in failure is positive energy. The principe that is important is that failure can leave us with a yardstick by which to measure the extent of success when success happens. 

Live with fear and live in fear… 

  • Think about failures experienced and what was learned.
  • Think about the time wasted worrying about failure in an area you later became successful in. 
  • Think about how you will respond to failure tomorrow. 

Battling Low Expectation 


  Until we Africans change our self-perception, we will continue to confirm by our conduct and actions the stereotypes and insults others heep on us. Too often we validate by action the stereotype of an African as less than capable, lazy or failure by design by doing exactly the things we actually are not. 

Africans who arrive after the set time confirm that they subscribe to the inferior Bantu time; black companies that neglect to complete tender projects confirm the idea of Africans as inferior in business; the public servant that has a callous attitude make stereotypes of lazy blacks seem true. 

I made a decision to live with honour, work with diligence and think highly of my abilities so that the stereotypes and insults find me ready to defy them. “It’s not what you call me that matters,” says an African proverb, “but what I answer to.” 

We do not control what others think of us and cannot stop them from thinking low about us, but we control how this affects us and how we live thereafter. 

We do often walk around with mental chains that limit our potential around our proverbial necks. 

The battle against distortion of our mind about ourselves is a long and tortous road to freedom.
Africa is fragmented continent, broken into small territories that not really viable as countries. The pursuit of unity has as a result be fruitless. 

Africa is considered a dark continent though no one ever vocalize that anymore. It is treated like skunk though the culprits call. It great, call friend and partner, call it indispensable and say it is rising. It is being sold a dummy daily…
 Its leaders fall in the trap of participating in this shaming of my continent. Cursed to have leaders who either think about their own circumstances or lack wisdom to think creatively about the future Africa needs. 


Its people daily live up the myths and curses imposed on Africa. It has been called a wilderness and its people behave like animals in the wild stock in enclosures though the gates of freedom have been open for long. They beg from those who depend on Africa, instead of demanding their rights. Cursed to wretchedness of the mind. 

Leave in order to Live


The principle of leaving is much more difficult than we realize. 

Some people are much better at getting into things, projects, initiatives, structures and proceeded than in quiting when they have to. 

This is why the New Year Resolutions is a failing initiative year in year out.

We are much better at starting big goals but find it difficult to quit what we are tied to in order to serve the new goals. 

The central task should be to live and live fully.

To live is not merely to exist, but it is to have a felt and experienced existence of some significance. 

So it is to have a bearing on place and time in which one exists. 

It is to make a mark… 

Many times, man must also leave certain things in order to leave a mark, so to say. 

The trick is that it is also a problem to exist on earth with all the hope placed in the coming world, the heaven. 

We must live fully and then also leave jobs, adventures, projects and even earth having lived fully.  
Many end up living only to leave, they exist to go, they exist only and never make a mark.

They exist to leave to heaven,,… That is to be as if they did not ever lived on earth… 

It is not good also to stay forever in any undertaking. We will not live on earth forever, we will leave… We better leave after having lived fully. 

Our duty is to live to the full, to live satisfactorily, to live with purpose and live meaningfully… 

That is enough for our good, the rest is additional 

God Bless Africa


Africa is the cradle of humankind, but it is the wound on the body of humanity.
Africa is origin of humans, but it is looked down upon by many outside it.

Again I sing: “God bless Africa; its sons and daughters.” Why? 

Africa is the origin of human civilisations, but continues to be seen by others as a place without accomplishments, a land without science & innovation, a people without civilisation.

Africa gave birth to ancient universities and citadels of knowledge and science – mathematics and writing, yet Africa today is the consumer of knowledges and alienated ideas of others that produce so much underdevelopment and distortions.

Africa is largest island in the world, with the largest territory, yet Africa is the smallest in the hierarchies of power globally.

Africa has the richest land, suitable for all forms of agricultural endeavours, helping to feed many in the world, but its people are among the hungriest in the world.

Africa has the largest waterways in the world, river systems, underground water reservoirs and large expanse of oceans, yet the majority of Africans lack safe drinking water and its livestock die from water scarcity.

Africa is the place of wealth, but Africans are among the poorest peoples of the world.

Africa has some of the most beautiful ecosystems and landscapes inhabited by the largest variety of living mammals, rare organisms, yet it called by others a dark continent and is seen as a land of shame. 

Africa has the fastest growing population, but the opportunites to transform this potential into economic, political and social power in the world remain unseen. 

Africa has the youngest population in the world, an educated youthful population, but this demographic wealth is yet to become a dividend and remains a burden to Africa.

Africa is the source of a number of plants from which are made wonder drugs, yet Africa is the epicentre of diseases that are preventable and curable.

Africa produces a large pool of medical doctors and health specialists, yet with many lured to worl in the developed world the ratio of doctor-population in Africa is worst in the world.

The Challenge of Sure Action, but Unsure Outcomes


You say: I do all I am told is necessary, but results are not assured. 

We sometimes over-simplify life into formula with actions that will automatically and surely produce specific results. 

If we don’t leave space for the possibility that the results will not the specific ones we want, but may be the broad ones we need, we have a better sense of life of progress. 

Sometimes what we think we need is mere wants, just desires that may not help deepen the texture of our lives. 

It is better that we don’t get what we want if we are to get what we really need. 

It is better that we pay attention to principles a lot more than formula. 

The difference is that principles explain the connection between the input and output, action and result… 

Your responsibility is only to apply the principle… 

Principle enables you to do your part before you understand the part… and the environment. 

Principles build our lives and enable us to manage ourselves. They don’t have produce other benefits. 

To achieve a higher state of living and have greater control over our conduct and walk in life is a huge benefit to our account already. 

We are to take the right actions no matter the results. 

We are to at least commit to act right always, the outcomes are a bonus…  

What seems complex needs our simplicity


Mystery is the most basic fact of life itself. 

The world is itself a mystery: this thing that you have humans, vegetation, waters and air all in their demarcated places is a mystery, a complexity… 

A human being is one of the most complex things in this arrangement. You just can’t say you know how humans think, act and feel…

When you think you knew a person, the next moment you get to know a nature in them you never knew. 
This is the complexity of our life, but it needs simple things to manage. 

We live with complexity, but we handle it through simple measures. 

Complexity requires simplicity. 
If left and applied as is, nothing can move. 

If the issues of the world are left in their complex nature no one will understand the world

No one will do what they have to do to make the world and people better.

No one will do their functions in society.

Everyone will have an excuse for not doing, for not trying. 

Everyone will be justified for acting unwisely. I started with a goal to buy a house and ended up buying a boat, but now need a place to watch TV… Why this strange decision? — complex world. 

We will not reach understanding and domino over life if we believe it complex and that is it. 

The world is complex. Life is too. 

God made it that way. A world for 6 bill people who each has a purpose and several tasks to do, each has a will to do as they see it and are allowed space to make mistakes and discover for themselves, is inevitably complex. 

A human being is complex. Each has a DNA yet looks like others. Each is a mystery. 

God made a complex humanity and placed them on a complex earth …. 

The earth is not the world. The world is made up of human beings and their cultures by which they make sense of and impact the earth. It is complex. 

The earth is the Lord’s, the world is man’s. The Lord is in charge. It is complex.

Solomon thought about the complex nature of the world and how it produced a complex life to live. 

But God gave them keys to simplicity so they can survive, navigate and influence the complex environment and climate. 

Those keys are principles of living in a complex and changing world… 

You say, finding a hubby is complex. Am supposed to be found first. I may like one like this, but this does not guarantee that he will not bring another feature I don’t like.