Battling Low Expectation 

  Until we Africans change our self-perception, we will continue to confirm by our conduct and actions the stereotypes and insults others heep on us. Too often we validate by action the stereotype of an African as less than capable, lazy or failure by design by doing exactly the things we actually are not.  Africans who … Continue reading Battling Low Expectation 


Leave in order to Live

The principle of leaving is much more difficult than we realize.  Some people are much better at getting into things, projects, initiatives, structures and proceeded than in quiting when they have to.  This is why the New Year Resolutions is a failing initiative year in year out. We are much better at starting big goals … Continue reading Leave in order to Live

The Challenge of Sure Action, but Unsure Outcomes

You say: I do all I am told is necessary, but results are not assured.  We sometimes over-simplify life into formula with actions that will automatically and surely produce specific results.  If we don't leave space for the possibility that the results will not the specific ones we want, but may be the broad ones … Continue reading The Challenge of Sure Action, but Unsure Outcomes

Our greatest challenge today is to discover the reason why we exist and why we exist where we do with the talents we have, the skills we have acquired and the opportunities that we get. The greats that we have witnessed became when they discovered their purposes and started to pursue them. My commitment is … Continue reading