God Bless Africa

Africa is the cradle of humankind, but it is the wound on the body of humanity.
Africa is origin of humans, but it is looked down upon by many outside it.

Again I sing: “God bless Africa; its sons and daughters.” Why? 

Africa is the origin of human civilisations, but continues to be seen by others as a place without accomplishments, a land without science & innovation, a people without civilisation.

Africa gave birth to ancient universities and citadels of knowledge and science – mathematics and writing, yet Africa today is the consumer of knowledges and alienated ideas of others that produce so much underdevelopment and distortions.

Africa is largest island in the world, with the largest territory, yet Africa is the smallest in the hierarchies of power globally.

Africa has the richest land, suitable for all forms of agricultural endeavours, helping to feed many in the world, but its people are among the hungriest in the world.

Africa has the largest waterways in the world, river systems, underground water reservoirs and large expanse of oceans, yet the majority of Africans lack safe drinking water and its livestock die from water scarcity.

Africa is the place of wealth, but Africans are among the poorest peoples of the world.

Africa has some of the most beautiful ecosystems and landscapes inhabited by the largest variety of living mammals, rare organisms, yet it called by others a dark continent and is seen as a land of shame. 

Africa has the fastest growing population, but the opportunites to transform this potential into economic, political and social power in the world remain unseen. 

Africa has the youngest population in the world, an educated youthful population, but this demographic wealth is yet to become a dividend and remains a burden to Africa.

Africa is the source of a number of plants from which are made wonder drugs, yet Africa is the epicentre of diseases that are preventable and curable.

Africa produces a large pool of medical doctors and health specialists, yet with many lured to worl in the developed world the ratio of doctor-population in Africa is worst in the world.


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