Leave in order to Live

The principle of leaving is much more difficult than we realize. 

Some people are much better at getting into things, projects, initiatives, structures and proceeded than in quiting when they have to. 

This is why the New Year Resolutions is a failing initiative year in year out.

We are much better at starting big goals but find it difficult to quit what we are tied to in order to serve the new goals. 

The central task should be to live and live fully.

To live is not merely to exist, but it is to have a felt and experienced existence of some significance. 

So it is to have a bearing on place and time in which one exists. 

It is to make a mark… 

Many times, man must also leave certain things in order to leave a mark, so to say. 

The trick is that it is also a problem to exist on earth with all the hope placed in the coming world, the heaven. 

We must live fully and then also leave jobs, adventures, projects and even earth having lived fully.  
Many end up living only to leave, they exist to go, they exist only and never make a mark.

They exist to leave to heaven,,… That is to be as if they did not ever lived on earth… 

It is not good also to stay forever in any undertaking. We will not live on earth forever, we will leave… We better leave after having lived fully. 

Our duty is to live to the full, to live satisfactorily, to live with purpose and live meaningfully… 

That is enough for our good, the rest is additional 


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