The Challenge of Sure Action, but Unsure Outcomes

You say: I do all I am told is necessary, but results are not assured. 

We sometimes over-simplify life into formula with actions that will automatically and surely produce specific results. 

If we don’t leave space for the possibility that the results will not the specific ones we want, but may be the broad ones we need, we have a better sense of life of progress. 

Sometimes what we think we need is mere wants, just desires that may not help deepen the texture of our lives. 

It is better that we don’t get what we want if we are to get what we really need. 

It is better that we pay attention to principles a lot more than formula. 

The difference is that principles explain the connection between the input and output, action and result… 

Your responsibility is only to apply the principle… 

Principle enables you to do your part before you understand the part… and the environment. 

Principles build our lives and enable us to manage ourselves. They don’t have produce other benefits. 

To achieve a higher state of living and have greater control over our conduct and walk in life is a huge benefit to our account already. 

We are to take the right actions no matter the results. 

We are to at least commit to act right always, the outcomes are a bonus…  


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