What seems complex needs our simplicity

Mystery is the most basic fact of life itself. 

The world is itself a mystery: this thing that you have humans, vegetation, waters and air all in their demarcated places is a mystery, a complexity… 

A human being is one of the most complex things in this arrangement. You just can’t say you know how humans think, act and feel…

When you think you knew a person, the next moment you get to know a nature in them you never knew. 
This is the complexity of our life, but it needs simple things to manage. 

We live with complexity, but we handle it through simple measures. 

Complexity requires simplicity. 
If left and applied as is, nothing can move. 

If the issues of the world are left in their complex nature no one will understand the world

No one will do what they have to do to make the world and people better.

No one will do their functions in society.

Everyone will have an excuse for not doing, for not trying. 

Everyone will be justified for acting unwisely. I started with a goal to buy a house and ended up buying a boat, but now need a place to watch TV… Why this strange decision? — complex world. 

We will not reach understanding and domino over life if we believe it complex and that is it. 

The world is complex. Life is too. 

God made it that way. A world for 6 bill people who each has a purpose and several tasks to do, each has a will to do as they see it and are allowed space to make mistakes and discover for themselves, is inevitably complex. 

A human being is complex. Each has a DNA yet looks like others. Each is a mystery. 

God made a complex humanity and placed them on a complex earth …. 

The earth is not the world. The world is made up of human beings and their cultures by which they make sense of and impact the earth. It is complex. 

The earth is the Lord’s, the world is man’s. The Lord is in charge. It is complex.

Solomon thought about the complex nature of the world and how it produced a complex life to live. 

But God gave them keys to simplicity so they can survive, navigate and influence the complex environment and climate. 

Those keys are principles of living in a complex and changing world… 

You say, finding a hubby is complex. Am supposed to be found first. I may like one like this, but this does not guarantee that he will not bring another feature I don’t like. 


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