Living with Failure

There is a substitution between living in failure and living with failure. The former implies living inspite of being being mired in failure. It means managing to eke out a living even in conditions of failure. It means finding ways to continue with one’s mission in the context of failure. It means refusing to merely bend over to the dictates of failure experienced, to defy the tendency of failure to cause people to mellow in what was not done right and what mistakes were made. It is about refusing to meditate on failure and adversity, and the decision not to dwell on what is in but rather on what can be. 

Living with failure means accepting the fact that one failed on this and that occasion. The willingness to process what happened and learn the lessons needed into to proceeded. It is to live with insights gained due to what was tried unsuccessfully in the sometimes bumpy road to destiny. It means allowing failure to become part of the experience acquired, thus removing fear of it by embracing it as a milestone and key moment in the journey. It is to assume power over it by acknowledge failure that happened and thus removing its sting that fests when failure is brushed aside too easily. 

It much easier for us to embrace success and progress than it is to embrace failure. Advice that suggest looking at the positive sides is sometimes taken to the extreme leading to people failing to learn the big lessons that can only come from failure. 

Failure is associated with negative energy when understood poorly. It is not always realized that in failure is positive energy. The principe that is important is that failure can leave us with a yardstick by which to measure the extent of success when success happens. 

Live with fear and live in fear… 

  • Think about failures experienced and what was learned.
  • Think about the time wasted worrying about failure in an area you later became successful in. 
  • Think about how you will respond to failure tomorrow. 

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