Express to impress 

It is human nature to make an impression in the communities of practice that we belong to. It is a normal desire to wish to impress for good reasons and to be known for good roles. The challenge is how we pursue this desire and what actually  do to this end. 

If people on the outside did not see the value of us that lies on the inside, it has litttle value for our self-image and self-actualization. We need affirmation from outside about what we desire on the inside. This affirmation is to be associated with positive outlook we want the world to know about us. 

It is of limited use when it is impression we seek but it is not an expression of our reality. It is deceit when it is to project good and moral untruths about us. It lie to give people a sense of ourselves that is significantly higher than our true sense. 

It is better to express our less than glamourous reality than make an impression that is great but unreal. It is better to live the small truth than to create an impression out of a big lie. 

It is better to express our purpose, our real goals, our genuine achievements rather than impress on the basis of a lie or exaggeration. It is much easier to defend the integrity of the expression of reality than to justify the impression of excellence. 

Express, you will automatically make an impression correctly. Your duty is just to give expression to what you really have on the inside, however small and unimpressive it seems. 

Express and stay out of the trouble of having to work hard to make the lie seem true… 


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