Africa’s number one need


Africa is known for the great number of challenges that it confronts. Everyone has come to think of Africa in relation to deep levels of poverty manifest in the fact that …. live under the poverty line, generally in terms of income. 

Africa is rh epicenter of global incidence of disease and dis-ease. Africa continues to be tormented by all manner of sickness including infectious diseasses, mainly malaria, …… It is also the site of the resurgence of diseases of lifestyle …. 

Is not aid… Aid plays an important role… But it is not the greatest need
Is not even trade … Crucial for cash transfers… But not the most urgent needed
Is not actually investment … Vital for resource acquisition, but not the fundamental need. 
So it is not the richest economies
The wealthiest companies … 
The big multinational corporations 
The huge cash injection … 
All of these the continent has accessed, of course with many weaknesses on these. 
But they have still not enabled the birth of a new Africa, the rebirth, renewal and renaissance of Africa.
It is not big governments…. 
It is not even better government … 
It is not good governance … Crucial as this is … 

It is not many organisations to do what must be done… This is important, but not fundamental … 
It is not new or stronger relations with other nations… 
It is not favour from global powers 
It is not charity from the rich and powerful 
Africa’s greatest need is not even big and powerful leaders
It is not better and more effective political parties when you come to think about it. 
It is not big and many NGOs that provide essential Sevices to the downtrodden… 
Africa’s greatest need is confidence.
Africa’s greatest challenge is lack of faith in itself by itself and resulting in lack of confidence in it by others… 
Confidence is a product of 





Our greatest challenge today is to discover the reason why we exist and why we exist where we do with the talents we have, the skills we have acquired and the opportunities that we get. The greats that we have witnessed became when they discovered their purposes and started to pursue them. My commitment is to use this website to help us rediscover who we are and why we are in order to rebirth our purpose and reach greater heights.